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- winoweenie - 04-15-2001

Had the Zin for lunch today and the Cab for din-din tonite. No tasting notes as I must pack jes' this lil' bit of friendly advice....Buy as Much of These two beauties as you can cellar and afford....CASE CLOSED..WW

- newsguy - 04-16-2001


where have you found the 97s already? down here in FLA i'm *just* starting to see the 96s on the shelf. and i didn't know gallo even made a barrelli creek zin. i gotta get out more [img][/img]

- Drew - 04-17-2001

Found the '97 Barrelli Cab here for $24.99 and the '97 Frei Zin for $ sighting, as yet, of the '97 Barrelli Zin.


- newsguy - 04-18-2001

i definitely will keep my eyes open for the 97 barrelli creek cab. knowing how good past years have been, i'll bet this is one to buy by the case(s)!

- winoweenie - 04-22-2001

News and Drew. The Cab is 28 less 10% case and the zin is 18 less the discount. I'll check today and see if my orders have arrived. Our wunnerful Az. wholesalers are hard at work as usual. They manage to tack on an extra 10% when-ever they think they can get away with it. Drew, I thought you were gonna' keep IK in line whilst I be outta' town. I know you tried. Withstand my ackin'ankle. WW

- Drew - 04-22-2001

Can't control them New Englanders (Can't understand them when they talk either!)


- Drew - 04-22-2001

By the by...popped another '94 Barrelli Cab the other night (couldn't resist), sure is gooood stuff!


- winoweenie - 04-23-2001

I think the 97's will be every bit the equal of those marvy 94s'. I' laying in a considerable stock of all 3 97 vineyard designated cabs and the Zins too. Gina do good work! WW

- newsguy - 05-10-2001

two things:

popped my second bottle of the 94 barrelli creek cab last night and was just as impressed as i was with the first bottle a little while back. give this baby an hour to breathe and then kick back and enjoy! bad news: i only have two bottles left [img][/img]

also, found the 97 barrelli creek zin and bought a bottle (@ $15.99), which we had last night with pizza after the 94 cab. talk about a deep, briary zin. this sucker is dark and serious. imagine this will start opening up in a year or so. would like to maybe grab a case of this next month to lay down, but that would only come after i get *two* cases of the 97 cab. oh, i can't wait to try a bottle of that cab as soon as it hits the shelves down here, then try it again in another two years or so!

- RAD - 06-05-2001

In Atlanta on business; staying with my in-laws. Mother-in-law decides to cook me a steak dinner, so of course I have to go buy some wine. But first, we had to go to the grocery store to buy the steak--and since the grocery store had such a great selection of wine as well, I saw this 97 Gallo Barelli Creek, and remembered how much everyone here liked it. Picked it up for $26.99 here in ATL. Loved every drop! [img][/img]

It's interesting to see the different wines that are on the shelves in different parts of the country. I have yet to see the 97 Gallo BC in NYC, and down here in ATL there's still lots of 97 Burgess zin on the shelves--excuse me while I run back to the grocery store!


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- RAD - 04-14-2002

In ATL again and found yet another stash of the 97 Barelli Creek (which is long since gone in NYC). Picked up three bottles @ $24 per for the trip home. Wish I could find more in NYC!


- Drew - 04-14-2002

Rad, plan a trip to the Baltimore area...lots of '97 Barrelli sleeping on the store shelves here.


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