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- winoweenie - 12-20-2008

Sportsmans has opened a new jernt in Scottsdale that is REALLY upscale. Had lunch there yesterday with a friend and business assoc and was very impressed. Not sure they are ready for members meetings of the BAWDIES but mite have an emergency get-together to test their water. Same menu as the club on Camelback and as an added allure they hired my grand-son as chef. he had the late shift so dint see him yesterday. The wine was evwery bit as impressive as the surroundings. Think I've been too hard on the Oaks as they are the antithesis of Buckos' favorite juice whenced young but this hummer was doing a solid impression of Ellas' "Mack the Knife". Great nose of crushed rose petals, red fruits, and spices. Danced in the mouth like RR and the finish was as long as a mooch 2nd cousins from Mass. stay in January. Had to be in the low 90s' but as we were solving most of the worlds economic probs dint really focus on scores, just impressions. Ready as Teddy so don't let hese sit too long. WW

- wondersofwine - 12-20-2008

Wonderful description! Like the "mooch" part.