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- RoaryB - 05-30-2004

I'm at my aunt's house. We're, (she's), wanting to know where in this area she can possibly get some aged wines. Today, we grilled some filet mignon w/bleu cheese and garlic & butter bbq shrimp. Started with a '97 Ravenswood Zin and had a '93 Grgich Hills Napa Cab with the filets. Loved it. Tannins have evolved into silk and she loved it. Any suggestions?

- winoweenie - 05-31-2004

St. Helena Wine Merchants in Napa normally has older vintages for sale. Some of the wineries sell some of their library wines occassionally. If she ever gets to Costa Mesa Hi-Time Cellars has a large selection of older vintages. Just remember it's a risky situation unless the store has the provenece of the wines. WW

- californiagirl - 05-31-2004

Thanks WW