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- Bucko - 12-15-1999

I culled a bunch of 88 Cabs from the cellar since the wines are seemingly doing horrid with age. I started opening bottles tonight, trying to find one decent to drink with dinner. First I opened a La Jota, Howell Mountain, not expecting much from prior experience -- nothing changed, down the drain. Next came a BV Georges, corked, grrrrr!, so I pulled the cork on another BV Georges. This bottle was sound, the wine was not. Totally disjointed, pretty undrinkable, down the drain. Next came a Duckhorn, Napa, not expecting much here either. What a surprise! Sweet, jammy, complex black fruit, a hint of olive, moderate but silky tannins, and a very long, blackberry jam aftertaste. The bottle was drained with a smile.

- winoweenie - 12-17-1999

Bucko, I`ve found the same result with the 88`s & 89`s. Not a drop of either left in my cellar. The vaunted 85-6-&7`s are providing some good guzzling now. The newer releases are something else. WW

- Bucko - 12-17-1999

The 89 Monte Bello is darn tasty and can usually be found for a song due to the poor vintage.