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- winoweenie - 11-03-2003

A beautiful blend of all 5 classic Bordeaaux grapes. This wine really kicks the meritage pointer up a notch with this 95. Btilliant ruby. Floral, spice, casis hard candy and cigar box all hit the nose and come across on the palate. Silky entry, medium weight center and a solid 4-lapper finish. Another great success for the talented Ed Sbragia, winemaker at Beringer. 90/92. 26 by the box. WW

- Drew - 11-03-2003

I've only had the '97 and it was overly oaky for me....probably didn't let it sleep long enough. The '95 sounds great.


- Kcwhippet - 11-03-2003

Had the 97 a few months ago - terrible infanticide. What a shame.

- Thomas - 11-03-2003

I haven't had this wine so I couldn't say, but the reason I haven't had it is that I found in the nineties that Beringer was going overboard on wood.

- winoweenie - 11-04-2003

Agree on 2 points...1) Ed uses wood in all of the reserves but judiciously, and 2) them dudes need to sleep thru puberty. Most of the Beringer wines with a few whiskers on 'em show beautifully. Haven't bought any since the buy-out but understand they are keeping hands off. 99 was my last purchase. Will see whenced them 01 arrive. Dint care much for any of the 00s. WW