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- newsguy - 07-25-2002

stopped by a local shop for the first time and saw they had 4 bottles of the 94 stefani cab at $29.99 per. you all know i prefer the barrelli creek, but i'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the 94 stefani. at this price, i don't wanna jump in without a good word or two. if it was 94 barrelli creek, i woulda bought all 4 bottles on the spot. thoughts anyone?

- winoweenie - 07-26-2002

Here's some "NEWS" fer' youse. I love the 94 Stefani. Drinking wonderfully. WW

- newsguy - 07-29-2002

thanks, WW. next time i'm in the neighborhood, i'll grab one and give it a try.

- newsguy - 10-06-2002


boy, you were right about this wine. was in the area yesterday and went by the store and bought a bottle. opened it last night to go with a rubbed, aged N.Y. strip off the grill. popped the bottle and wonderful aromas of cassis and plums jumped out to meet my nose. let sit for a half hour, then took a sip. for about a second the taste seemed a little bitter, then got strong flavors of cherry, plums and cassis. felt dusty tannins coating my tongue -- though not stepping on the 45-second finish. this wine is a joy right now, though i'd guess the tannins will easily carry it another 3-5 years. i think the purchase of another couple bottles is in the near future.

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- winoweenie - 10-06-2002

As stated meeny times on this thread, Ninas' efforts on the 4 proprietory vineyards are second to none. The big "Estate Sonoma" compares with any of the Cults. We have had lots of press here on the board of the Barilli Creek but for the long haul I personally prefer the Stefani and the Frei. WW