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- mrdutton - 09-21-2001

WW? Drew? Anyone?

What do you know about this baby. I have a few folks here in Norfolk/Virginia Beach telling me that this juice is SUPER STUFF. Price here about $19.00 per bottle without a case discount.

- Drew - 09-21-2001

Haven't tried it but $19 sounds a little high.


- mrdutton - 09-21-2001

Price high? Probably! The place that carries it is a "specialty shop" in the "ritzy" downtown section......... But they are the only ones who have it on the shelf.

Their distributor is telling them that he ONLY has 70 cases for the WHOLE state...... Now wouldn't it be surprising if the winery made 75,000 cases....... or so.......

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- winoweenie - 09-21-2001

Sorry MisserD haven't tried this yet. Phillips is a reliable vintner but the price sounds like it should be for a mag. I have a case of the 95 Dunnigan Hills Syrah in mags that was 20 per clatter. Good stuff, Not Cote Rotie, but good stuff. WW

- mrdutton - 09-22-2001

Thanks Drew and WW........... Prices on the Cali wines always seem to be higher around here than what Drew or WW or others pay.

Not sure why yet, but I just might try to challenge the folks who sold it to me. That is, if I can find out the retail price out west. (Which should be easy enough to do!)

I am told that this cab is well balanced with good fruit on the nose and the palate, a bit of complexity and a nice tannin finish.

I bought a bottle just to see if the shop owner was correct in his praise, but have not opened it yet. Gotta run out to the grocer and get something appropriate for it.

Might try it on Sunday.

Definitely have to say something to the shop's owner. Out in Cali one source is selling the 1999 CS at $185.00 a case (that includes a 25.00 mark-up for handling, etc.). Up in New Jersey two places are selling the juice for $8.99 a bottle; both of these appear to be discount stores.

That makes $18.99 a bit stiff........

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- mrdutton - 09-22-2001

Check out their web site; very informative.

Oh and the asking price for the CS on the web site is $10.00.

I got took........ but I kinda would like to think that the shop owner got took also....!!

- mrdutton - 09-29-2001

This juice is quite good! Were I able to buy it from the NJ Discount Store at $8.99 per or from the Winery at $10.00 per then I'd say it was SUPERB, AWESOME, TREMENDOUS.

However, at the local price of $18.99 the QPR stinks. However the wine does not.

Black cherries on the nose and on the palate this perfectly clear wine has a dark ruby red color. Hints of mint with an herbal background on the nose and the palate. Nicely balanced with a decent amount of acid and a long tannic finish that starts to dry out the back of the tongue but also leaves hints of herbal spices and a bit more fruit.

I paired this very nice wine with baby peas, saffron & mushroom brown rice (cooked risotto style with shallots, garlic, chicken broth and lots of butter), and grill-panned, fresh, prime brisket of beef (finished in a fast oven to a very nice bright pink medium rare).

IK, WW, Drew, Foodie, Hotwine, CCK, Wine Collector, Summa, Wondersofwine, and all the rest of you great folks............... If you can find this juice at a decent price, buy it. I really think you'll find it quite good.

This CS, by the way, is not one that I'd cellar and save for 10 or 20 years. Not even sure it would be worthy after 5 years. It is the kind of wine that is ready to drink now. It is 86% CS, 15% Petite Syrah and 2% Tempranillo.

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- mrdutton - 09-29-2001

This is my private thread......... BIG GRIN!!

- Drew - 09-30-2001

If you start to answer your own posts we're gonna have the "funny men in white coats" come visit! [img][/img]


- winoweenie - 09-30-2001

Your Honor, I object. Defendant asked and answered. Handcuff him and pour 3 glasses of Sutter White Zin down hiz throat. WW

- zenda2 - 09-30-2001

Wait...the 8th Amendment guarantees us freedom from cruel and unusual punishment. Make that 'glasses of tepid suntea full of fireants', not white zin.

- mrdutton - 09-30-2001

Only if the fireants are chocolate covered..........

- winoweenie - 09-30-2001

No desserts 'afore din-din MisserD. WW

- summa - 10-02-2001

thanks mrD, I won't help with the sutter home wh zin...
I'll check it out, always had some faith in R.H. Phillips, though I've heard they've been bought out by one of the "Giants", who just bought Hogue as well, another old favorite of mine.

- Innkeeper - 10-02-2001

Smart "giants" let their underlings continue to run things. Just as there has been wonderful success stories and diaster stories about small producers, there is the same range among the bigees.

- zenda2 - 10-02-2001

I stopped at the Hogue winery a few weeks after it changed hands, and quietly asked one of the pour staff if there were any major changes in the offing. The nice lady who was pouring said things were unchanged, the winemakers were making wine, the grapes came from the same place, the paychecks still came on the same day.
Good enough for me, so I happily bought a case of mis-marked SW's to pass out as gifts and hightailed it. (Sem-Chard blend, labels were incorrect for export, returned to the winery and selling in the tasting room for $36 a case. More deals like this, please.)

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- mrdutton - 11-02-2001

Pop's wine comes through again. Case price is $7.88 a bottle.

Now for that price I could be talked into buying some. I can't wait to tell this story to the guy who sold me one (and ONLY ONE) bottle at $18.99. Maybe I'll take a bottle into his store and give it to him.

Naw, that would not be fair. The price points on that wine were not his fault, but rather the fault of the distributor.

- Drew - 11-02-2001

You're too kind. The price points were his fault...he knew the price and gouged the masses.


- mrdutton - 11-11-2001

Not really, Drew. Been shopping with this guy for over a year now. He's always been fair.

Knowing that I'd complained about the price, he offered some the other day at $15.00 a bottle and said that was as low as he could go with it.

The rest of the juice he stocks is priced consistently with the regional market prices or maybe just a couple points higher. (He's in an "exclusive" neighborhood with a higher overhead than a lot of other stores where I shop.)

Gotta give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Really, I honestly believe that it is the distributor who is causing the problem, not the shop keeper.

In the meantime, the price at Pop's is about 3 bucks less per bottle than what it is sold for at the winery......... Go Pop's!!