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- Bucko - 03-21-2000

I know that many of the folks here know, but for those who don't, 1986 was the last year that Caymus made the Estate Designation wine, and as far as I am concerned, the last year that they made wine interesting enough for me to purchase. In 1987 they started producing just Napa and SS designations, eliminating the Napa Cuvee.

The 86 Estate was lovely from the start, is still a very lovely wine, and in no danger of slipping over the edge anytime soon. Still loaded with blackberries with an obvious aged component to the fruit, a hint of cedar and leather, softening but moderate tannins, still in great balance. While not developing a lot of secondary flavors that some Bordeaux do, it is still a very nice wine in its own right. Went very well with a grilled, dry-aged tenderloin tonight.


- winoweenie - 03-22-2000

Bucko ole bean, Normally I agree with most of your postings but think you`re being a bit rough on Chuck here. The 91, 93 and 94 Napa cabs surely aren`t over-shadowed by too many of the product put on the market. I too have been a lover of Caymus since inception ( 72 ) and have always had lots in my cellar. Think some of the problem may have occurred with a coule of weak vintages ( 88 & 89 ) that everyone experienced. The above vintages should take away any doubt of the superb wines being offered. Winoweenie

- Bucko - 03-22-2000

Well, they took their lower end Napa Cuvee and blended it into the Napa. They took the better barrels of Napa and blended it into the SS to increase the production of that wine. They oak the SS to death, and dilute the Napa -- I pass. But, different strokes as they say.