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- winoweenie - 01-27-2007

Had these with lunch yesterday with a close friend and his wife. Started with the 97 Perry. Was my 1st dance with this partner. Medium ruby. Candied nose of flowers, chocolate covered cherries after the 1st bite, allspice, and some earth. Supple entry, medium center and a 4 lapper finish. A blend of 90% cab and 10% merlot. He must have a small estate as the grapes were from the Perry Vineyard in Calistoga. Total production of 400 cases. 90/?. Can't find price but think it was around 60. 13.2%alc. 95 KK. Love this santa Cruz Mtn producers juice. Deep ruby. Nose has all the right elements; blackcurrents, licorice, flowers, and a nice touch of minerality. All come over on the palate along with cassis. Strong entry, weighty center, and a 4&1/2 lapper finish. 92/90. 39 by the box. 13.6% alc. WW

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