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- Bluefish - 05-03-2005

OK, my wife and i are celling the house, and my DAD was a wine guy.

need help a few bottles, we are not sure if they have past there prime, should be opened and enjoyed ASAP, or just kept as display bottles.

First is a 1987 GIRARD Napa Vally Cabernet Sav.

Second is a case of 1990 OPUS ONE

third a case of 1991 Caymus Special select

any help would be great.

- winoweenie - 05-03-2005

Hi BF and welcome to the board. The Girard is probably a dead soldier. The Opus and Caymus, if properly stored, are 1st class bottles that are drinking wonderfully. Suggest you have a few friends over, open a bottle of each, and have aa party. "Have Reidel, Will Travel". WW ( By the by you'll probably ask this later, the Opus is selling for around 300 and the Caymus for 250. )

- Innkeeper - 05-03-2005

That's per bottle not per case.

- Bluefish - 05-03-2005

Thanks for the speedy replys.

I remember drinking the Opus in 95 & 96, and enjoyed them then, hope to again.

too bad for the Cab..

and thanks for the $$, never crossed my mind [img][/img] i consider them part of the family, and will consume them in my Dads honor.

I spent my youth at Johnson & Whales, so creating the right food experience should not be a problem..