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- Bucko - 05-05-2001

1998 Clos Du Val, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vineyard Georges III, Rutherford, Napa Valley, California, $55, 2,000 cases. Deeply colored, with aromas of blackberry, mint and perhaps a touch of blueberry. Full-bodied and quite elegant, the tannins are substantial yet glide over the palate with a velvety touch. Black fruit, coffee, mint, and an ever so slight amount of herbaceousness define the flavor profile. An excellent effort from a tough vintage year. 92/89.

- winoweenie - 05-05-2001

Buckster, From the early tastes I've had I think maybe them smart dudes did the " DOG DIED " seranade before they really knew the tune. So Far, I the WW ' haint had no bad 98s'. Guess my tongue be-gone. The 98 Miura, AS REPORTED SEBERAL MUNTHS AGO IS A SIN-FRIGGIN-SATIONAL BOTTLE OF STUFF COMPARED to any juice out there. Guess my palate be in the crapper. WW I've also had several other 98s thjat IMHO are superior to their 97s. Comments peeples!!!

- Bucko - 05-06-2001

I was massively disappointed at the 2000 ZAP, where the 98s were poured. 98 was one of the coolest and wettest on record in Napa/Sonoma. All of that said, you know as well as me that it is the viticultuist and winemaker who excel during these vintages -- separates the men from the boys so to speak.


- jock - 05-06-2001

The weener is right IMHO. I have had some sensational 98 cabs, especially from Napa. 98 seems to have been a tough vintage for many varietals including Zin, Pinot NOir and Chard. But so far I have a lot of great cabs. The Miura is better than ANY 97 I have had so far (I've had most of the big and really big guns). The 98 Rudd Jehrico Canyon is superb too.

The 97 CdV Georges III which should have been very good was hard, sharp and lacking fruit. I'm looking forward to the 98 because Clos du Val usually does much better than they did in 97.

P.S. I love it when the press screws-up and seriouslu underrates a wine or, even bette, a whole vintage. My guess is that there may be some crow on the table when it comes time to evaluate the 98 Napa cabs.

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- Bucko - 05-06-2001

I can really only speak for the Zins -- more 98s than not are disappointing. I have not had enough 98 Cabs yet to form an overall opinion. One of the best Chards that I have tried in a long time is from 1998 -- Guenoc, Chardonnay, Genevieve Magoon Vineyard, Reserve.


- winoweenie - 05-06-2001

Buckmonio, I agree on the zins. The fruit needs the heat that 'twernt there in the 98 vintage but the cabs seems to have all the stuffin' that the gurus overlooked. I Knows I be gonna' be lookin' hard at the big boys in this vintage. It 'don be no orphan. WW

- jock - 05-11-2001

All I mentioned was Napa Cab, emphasis on NAPA. Zins and pinot noirs all not stellar so far. 99 looks like the year for zin and PN.