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- TheEngineer - 03-15-2010

Was sitting in IAD Washington after at that point a 35 hour travel day... and I was not home yet.... So dropped my tired behind in a wine bar in IAD called Vino Volo. Nice small list of wines of which this was on it.

Good density of dark fruits, berries, cherries, but rather oaked at this point in time. Not entire knit together, finished bit hot. Good stuffings but showed not well...or it was more likely me.

- winoweenie - 03-15-2010

The SSs' are tough suckers in their youth but have found they almost always prove their pedigree at the tender age of 10. WW

- andrawes76 - 03-15-2010

Agreed with WW. Special Selection will be stand up, exceptional wine with age...

- wondersofwine - 03-16-2010

Love the Vino Volo after my experience in the Detroit Airport. Also loved my one taste of 10-year old Caymus Special Selection (due to the generosity of WW at a Finger Lakes offline.) How much time do you get at home Engineer?

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- TheEngineer - 03-16-2010

One week before I head West to Vancouver Office....then vacation! Heading to Peru, Argentina and Brazil soon.