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- RAD - 04-27-2001

Had some friends from across the pond here in NYC for a few days, so my wife cooked a wonderful dinner of Beef Wellington (they were Brits, after all). I got to pick the wines, so we had Mount Veeder cab in the 1991, 1994, and 1997 vintages. Not much in the way of notes; too busy drinkin', eatin', and socializin'. The 1997 was my favorite, followed by the 94 and the 91. But I think my favorite bottle from this vintage remains the 1990, which was superb.

1997: deep saturated purple/garnet, fading to deep magenta and rose edges. Fragrant cabernet nose of cassis and crushed blackberries, solid midpalate, and lingering finish with leather notes and fine tannins. Wonderful.

1994: Deep garnet. Mature cab aromas with cassis, blackberry, and a bit of cedar on the nose. Not as effusively fruity as the 97. About on par with the 91, though the tannins in the 91 were more sturdy.

1991: Deep garnet color. Excellent mature cab nose with cassis and a touch of cedar; fruity and full bodied, with very firm tannins on the finish. This one has several more years, I'd think.


- winoweenie - 04-28-2001

>>>>I think my favorite botlle from this vintage was the 1990????? Bucko, Rad is not allowed to post tasting notes until the next morning after he's slept it off. WW

- Bucko - 04-28-2001


- Tilak - 04-28-2001

If its in the front of his mind...or palate...why not? [img][/img]

- RAD - 04-28-2001

OK, guys, OK--I thought you all had photographic memories.

I was in fact referring to the 1990, which I did not have that night. I did have the 1990 back in November, when I posted it here:



Then, of course, there is the issue of using "vintage" in place of "vintner," etc. Maybe WW's suggestion to Bucko wasn't far off-base. [img][/img]

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