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- Innkeeper - 06-08-2002

1998 Clos Du Bois, Sonoma County, Cabernet Sauvignon ($16 [more or less]). The price ambiguity is because it has become quite a "football", as they say in discounter parlance. Pick this one up because Andrea I. recommended it highly in one of her Esquire articles earlier this year; and, yes, it gets good marks in her new book.

It is a very nice wine, but not able to age much further IMHO because acidity seems limited. A year or two yes; further no. It seems to have been picked very ripe, but since it is 13% alcohol, don't know what they did with the extra sugar. It doesen't seem to be in it. At any rate, right now it's a very steak friendly wine. Opened and decanted an hour before. It was truely varietal on the nose and upfront. Sonoma openness sheparded with nice complexity and tame tannins ran across the palate, and it showed a great finish.

Matched it with broiled fillet steaks in bacon rasher with salad. Simple dish with nice wine. As mentioned above, it is a more than decent food wine.

- winoweenie - 06-09-2002

Wipe my saliva off'n youses' screen IK. I HATE sabatticals. WW [img][/img]

- winedope1 - 06-09-2002

amen, WW. Thanks, IK- sounds like a bottle to add to my look for collection !

- vinman - 06-11-2002

Really a nice evaluation of wine you enjoyed!I will pop for a couple! Have always been a fan, buy have not tasted anything recently!