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- winoweenie - 02-22-2002

Still on the upsnort. This classicaly proportioned bottle has all the right edges. Medium-deep ruby, a classic nose of black fruits, cassis, vanilla, and a scoch of spiciness featuring sandlewood. Lovely entry, strong center feel, and a 35-40 second finish. Still a sense of silky tannins that will carry this hummer another 3-4. Always a must buy in my book and never dissapoints. A kick in the palate and worth ebber' peonie that 'ems chargin'. Love this stuff. WW

- amw5g - 11-30-2003

Found a single bottle of this over the holiday at quirky shop in the eastern part of the state. They also had a 96, 98, 99 and several 00s. Each was $99.99. Almost got the 90, but had to restrain. Budget, and all....

- wondersofwine - 12-02-2003

What's the quirky shop in the Eastern part of the state? I spent Thanksgiving in Fayetteville but spent the next three nights in Charlotte enjoying food and wine at Bonterra, Upstream, and Palomino. Also bought some wines at Dean and Deluca. Saw the Panthers lose painfully to the Eagles with the always reliable kicker missing three field goals and a point-after. (I also thought the officials miscalled a few penalties.)

- amw5g - 12-02-2003

It's a shop called Bacu on the Outer Banks. It's in the OBX Mall. I call it quirky because it's a small room attached to a bar/restaurant. Looking at it from the outside, you wouldn't think they had much, but their selection is surprising. The guy who runs it is also very helpful. We plan on using is services when we go back this Christmas for an extended holiday.

The gal and I have eaten at Bonterra. Twice. First time was less than satisfactory and we let them know our grievances. They comped our second trip and we were very pleased. Good selection of wine (including the BV Tapestry [img][/img]) Have not tried Upstream (that's a schlep from where we are) or Palomino. Next tim you are over here, try Sonoma Bistro. They do some very good work. I'm also itching to try Bistro 100 since they got their new chef.

'Round our parts we have one dedicated wine shop and a World Market which suits our budget. the Wine Shop in the Park Road shopping center is our latest find and we liked our most recent trip there. If you know of any noteworthy spots, we're all ears.

Sorry to ramble....

- wondersofwine - 12-03-2003

I was going to try to have lunch at Sonoma Bistro on Saturday but had a change of plans. Maybe next time I'm in Charlotte. I have had one dinner and one brunch at Bistro 100 (probably under the previous chef) and liked the dinner better. Have also dined at Bijoux (wonderful decor, etc. but don't go when you are in a hurry). That's about the extent of what I've tried in Charlotte. Have you ever been to Zebra Restaurant or Vidalia and Grapes?
I read that Reid's is a popular wine shop. Don't know about their prices. That may have been where I found the Drouhin Beaujolais Nouveau in 2001. Dean & Deluca wine prices are probably on the high side but they do have a good selection of California wines--don't seem to stock old world wines.

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- amw5g - 12-03-2003

Bijoux has closed its doors. Reids is indeed pretty good with a varied selection and friendly staff (Emily Haliburton is the in-store wine master). We peruse D&D but really only buy their cheese, not wines.

Have not been to Zebra or Vidalia & Grapes due to their far-away location, but have dined at La Bibliiotheque and McNinch House. The former two are on our list to get to at some point, nonetheless.

Let me know next time you're in town and I'll draw up some suggestions for a gustatory tour! Hrm...i think I've hijacked this thread long 'nuff [img][/img].