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- wineguruchgo - 12-29-2004

We had this wine with beef on Christmas day. What beautiful bottles of wine these turned into.

Being that they are from Sonoma I expected them to be feminine. After years in the bottle (and my closet) the tanins were barely present and what was left was just rich, chewy fruit.

So glad I opened them at the right time and were able to share them with family and friends.

- winoweenie - 12-29-2004

Don't know why you expected the wines from Sonoma to be feminine as most of the great cabs from there are actually harder on release than the ones from Napa. I've had some sensational bottles of cab from there after they have 5-10 years of aging. Dehlinger, Arrowood, BR Cohn, and Ch St. Jean are just a few. The Chalk Hills are very well-made wines. WW

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