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- TheEngineer - 04-16-2009

Had this with a friend of my last night.

He had decanted the Col Solare for a couple of hours and I had just popped my contribution the Alter Ego just before tasting. First impressions of the Col was that it was a nicely put together wine. Very smooth, very smooth, and round, but there was an austerity to the mid palate. Very clean wine, good structure. Over the course of a couple of hours though, the Austerity went away and it turned out to be a very nice bottle especially for the current price of $40ish a bottle.

The Alter Ego was in the same price bracket. Definitely had a bit of funkiness on opening. Very discombobulated. Over about a couple of hours, it came to and showed itself nicely. Good structure, but biggest impression was a very fresh, very crispy wine. It was like bitting into fresh berries! Very nice. I think overall, the Col showed better tonight but the Alter has a lot left in it. It was very tight.