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- winoweenie - 11-02-2002

Found this orphan in the cellar so took it to the club and popped the cork yesserday fer lunch. Decanted the bottle and this immence perfume jumped from the glass. 82 was a marginal year for Napa cabs so was surprised by the youthful look in the glass. Clear medium ruby with no browning. Silky entry and still some tannins hanging on and the mountain fruit clinging to life. Thinking this could be one of "those" moments I was brought back to the reality of the vintage when the finish dissapeared in about 15 seconds. The wine held steady for over an hour in the glass, and while definately an attractive drink, It is definately looking down the hill. Still a tribute to this marvelous vineyard to have made a wine from a suspect vintage that still gave pleasure on its 20th birthday. WW