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- Woodman - 01-12-1999

Here in Portland, nothing that's difficult to find ever sees the light of day if it even makes it into the state. If it does show up, it's priced higher than CA suggested retail. So, it is with great pleasure that I announce yesterday's sighting of a floor stack (yet) of '95 Caymus cabernet.

Just the fact that the wine is on the shelf here, much less floor-stacked, is an indicator that Charlie's hefty price increases are slowing demand down to the point where there is an oversupply. Further proof is that the price was $54, about $15 under what one would expect to pay here. And still, it sits.........and does my heart good.

- kay - 01-21-1999

can you please provide me with the location you found the Caymus and does it still exist.