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- winoweenie - 02-20-2005

yesterday and instead of the lonely single orphan bottle I found 6(SIX) bottles of 1992 Shafer SLD cabernet that I thought was long-gone with the other 92s. Eveen tho I've been on a sabbatical it was imperative to find out the copndition of these lil hummers sooooo nachurally, I opened one. Looking back at my notes from the 92 tasting I posted in 2000 " Shafer SLD Pretty clear ruby color. Nice nose with brite red cherry mixed with a floral note. Soft entry with a good middle palate a a medium long finish.This wine IMO is at its' peak. Drink up." Thank goodness nothing has changed. This baby just keeps on keepin'-on.
Lovely nose that really is floral. Not classic but sure deserves a solid 91/92. 19 by the box.13.5% alc. WW NOW.....BACK ON THE DUMB WAGON FOR ANUFFER WEEKLY!!!!

- Drew - 02-20-2005

Sorta like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of a winter jacket you haven't worn for a while. Congrats... [img][/img]