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- winoweenie - 04-18-2005

1st bottle from this vintage. Stunning nose. Deep ruby. Black fruits, cassis, herbs, toffee, with smoke and cedar filling the nose. All come across on the palate with extras. Tremendous extraction and as balanced as a wine of this magnitude can get. Mite even be better than the magnificient 94 and with its' balance could even age longer. 96/97. 68 by thre box. WW

- winoweenie - 04-21-2005

Opened another for lunch today with friends. Nothing new to report 'cept the same ole lament..."Wish Ida' Bought More ". WW

- Bucko - 04-21-2005

Some people are saying the 95s are starting to fall apart. Obviously this is not the case here.

I just had a 95 Karl Lawrence and it is on the downhill slide for sure ...

- winoweenie - 07-15-2005

Thot I'd posted on this hummer. Nuttin' to add to BRWs' or my notes. WW

- jmcginley1 - 07-21-2005

I admire anyone's patience to hold onto a wine for a decade before trying even a bottle. Patience is a virtue they say...(one I am lacking)

- winoweenie - 11-18-2005

Here's my post on that hummer Braps. WW

- Kcwhippet - 11-18-2005

jm - You just have to have enough "everyday" wine available so you don't have to touch your agers for as long as you want them to sit down in the cellar. The Weener has so much, he's actually lost wine down there for years.

- newsguy - 12-01-2005

had this on 11/22. meal was filet mignon w/ cabernet/blue cheese sauce plus cous cous (w/ sweet corn kernels and red pepper pieces).

'95 phelps insignia (13.5% alcohol). this bottling's blend is 90% cabernet sauvignon, 7 % merlot and 3% petite verdot. still deep ruby in color w/ slight lightening at the rim. poured and drank this immediately after opening bottle; no decanting. wonderful aromas quickly jumped from the glass of a classic maturing cab: cassis, plums and cedar, plus hints of olive and cigar box. wonderful, concentrated flavors of same and the wine seemingly expands on the palate. big fruit, decent acidity and a hint of very fine tannins that don't stop it from feeling silky in the mouth despite being a mouthfull, if you know what i mean. goes in strong, explodes on the midpalate and continues on the very long finish. 96 points, and i'm buying more.

note: just went back and read WWs original post and saw that he also gave this 96 points. our similar scores are coincidental -- but must mean that i'm learning well [img][/img]

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- winoweenie - 11-05-2006

Opened this to welcome myself back to me beloved valley. Dead stoney on top of its' game. The aromatics are room-filling. Has been excellent for as long as it's been bottled. Am tempted to kick the score up but was enjoying it so much I really didn't concentrate on the tastyfied stuff. No change in scoring. WW