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- oostexan - 06-24-2006

Interesting label calls this a "Red Wine." I know, that sounds cheap. I did not think anything of it until I corked it, decanted for an hour, then started sipping with a mesquite grilled burger. Reminded me an aweful lot of...hmmm...lemme see...a Flora Springs Trilogy. I looked on the back of the label - Cabernet, Malbec, Merlot - all Napa fruit. The dots start connecting.

Very good wine with a terrific nose of cherries and a touch of oak. Very similar flavor profile to the Trilogy, though I am not sensing a ton of structure or quite the finish. Not that its too flabby at all, but it might not have quite the level of concentration and complexity as the Trilogy (one of my favorite all time wines). To be honest, I need to do a blind tasting of these two because they are very similar and this bottle is very well made. I sensed a little heat on the finish and there is not a ton of structure or firm tannins holding it all up, but otherwise its a wonderful bottle of juice for 30 bucks. I wish I had more.

Next up...2001 Girard Napa Red Wine vs. the 2001 Flora Springs Trilogy. The heavyweight battles continue folks.

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