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- Drew - 10-10-2003

Acting on Stevebodies rec I captured a bottle of the cab for $10.50 in a liquore store in Cecil County, 20 miles above me. Veriately correct in every aspect. Sweet cab flavors, cassis, cedar, dark and brite fruits with ample tannins on the mid palate and a lingering finish....he was right, this is a delicious wine and a case buy. Thanks, Steve. 13.8% Alc/vol.


- ShortWiner - 10-13-2003

Wasn't taking notes when I brought it to a party, but the Syrah was delicious too.

- stevebody - 10-13-2003


Delighted that you liked it! Judye and I use it as our family entertaining wine and the whole bunch has gotten fond of it. As much of this stuff as I've sold, at Esquin and lately in my consulting work, I've gotten several gift bottles from their WA distributor. I wish I had stock in the winery. I just think that people making a wine like that and holding down the price should be rewarded. I urge everybody to at least try a bottle.

- Kcwhippet - 10-14-2003

The McManis operation is really something. Ron McManis farms over 1000 acres of grapes near Lodi, mostly for other customers. He built a custom crush facility a few years ago to get the grapes to the juice stage quickly so they wouldn't have to be transported as grapes and start their deterioration. Then he hired Jeff Runquist from J. Lohr as an on-site consulting winemaker at the facility after which they started actually making wine ala Napa Wine Company. Now he's making some of his own wine and doing a fine job of it. While their Cab and Syrah are very good wines, the Merlot has turned out to be a great wine at a great price. Try it.

- winoweenie - 11-01-2003

My buddy at Vintage wines in San Diego called yesterday and I ordered all 3 reds. Frank said he was amazed at the P/Q. Add my tanks too SB. WW