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- RAD - 03-09-2002

This one's a keeper. Had it in a restaurant here in NYC about a week ago--I jumped on it because I've always been a big fan of Phelps, and had only seen the 98s in the shops here (have since checked a couple larger ones, and they still only have 98s--perhaps things are different in CA). Anyway, after 2 bottles (okay, we were a foursome), all I remember is tremendous depth of fruit, lots of complexity, and a long finish. Great juice.

Then, lo and behold, in WS's new "Weekly Wine Spectator" (available only over the 'Net--a list where they basically give subscribers a sneak preview of the ratings to come later), I saw that Jim-Bob Laube gave it a 92. I'd give it at least that, but it's not the cheapest cab out there (about $45, according to WS). 93/90 as per Bucko's system.


- winoweenie - 03-09-2002

Hit's 'bout the same from the weener-tongue-mobile. WW