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- MikeE - 02-01-1999

I recently got married and thought we'd give a couple much-hyped wines a spin. (The first I'd had before and enjoyed, so I'm not a total wanna-be!). These two wines, while both having a lot to offer, were very different in style.

At our reception, my wife and I shared a '94 Colgin. This is an incredibly silky, elegant, and smooth wine; but there is also incredible concentration and backbone that should make it stay together for many years. I don't doubt that there is a very ample amount of oak on this wine and some may find it too creamy. A very forward wine.

On our honeymoon, we had a '94 Screaming Eagle with dinner one night. I have to say that this is my first experience with SE and it lived up to the hype in my book. This is what CA cab is about... deep, dark currant, anise, and blackberry flavors, slightly earthy/minerally, firm tannins, everything in balance... this should age nicely for many years.

If only these wines could be made in the quantities of a Bordeaux first or second growth!


- Bucko - 02-01-1999

The 95 Screaming Eagle was my first experience. We had it at a tasting of the 95 "Big Boys" and the SE absolutely was the hands down favorite. Best Ca Cab that I have ever tasted in its youth - I have had better CA Cabs with age on them, e.g. the 1978 SLWC Cask 23. Maybe the SE will have such a track record......