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- dananne - 11-08-2005

Paso Robles.

We popped this about a week ago, way too early, but it was our first TJ wine we've seen on the shelves down here, and we wanted to see how it was so that we could pick up more, if need be, before it disappears. Splash decanted for 45 minutes before 1st pour. Deep purple in color, with jammy blackberries and coffee on the nose, followed by flavors of briary blackberries within a firmly tannic structure. Give it a few years and I think it'll turn out to be a pretty good wine. Right now, it's a struggle to get through the tannin wall, but again, it was admittedly opened too early. Alc. 13.8%. Paid $17. Will probably pick up another or two to lay down and open in 5.

- Innkeeper - 11-08-2005

My rule of thumb with the TJs is if it has a blue label, put it in rotation. If not, lay it down and make a good guess how long.

- dananne - 11-09-2005

Thanks, IK. Will do.