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- winoweenie - 11-30-2006

This 'haint no wimpy cheery-soda drink! Dark ruby with no hint of a rim. Nose of black fruits, spices(clove?), and a hint of vanilla. In the mouth the immediate impression is density...... cassis, blackberries, spice (the clove is joined by cinnamon) and a choco-vanilla marriage. Solid center and this hummer has a 4&3/4ths lapper finish. (Could have actually been a 5-lapper but my old leather-tongue hasn't recovered from putting the state of Tequila on 3 shifts). Beautifully balanced and with the underpinnings to improve for another 5-8. Kick-Patootie Cab. 94/92. 44 by the box. 13.5% alc. WW

- wondersofwine - 11-30-2006

Glad to hear that Geyser Peak did well in that vintage. I've met one of the winemakers and feel that most of their wines are carefully produced and fairly priced.

- brappy - 12-01-2006

Who couldn't love what your note describes? Hope this is still around somewhere. Have you tasted the '02 as well?

- winoweenie - 12-01-2006

No but did taste the 03 yesterday at the end of lunch and it doesn't have nearly the energy nor weight of the 01. WW

- brappy - 12-01-2006

I hear ya.....

- VouvrayHead - 12-01-2006

The regular bottling of the Geyser Peak '03 Cab is a pleasant thing at $14 or so... Not exciting, but good fruit with a bit of sweet oak.

I haven't had the '03 reserve, but maybe the regular is a better value for that vintage?

- winoweenie - 09-06-2009

My "coming off sabbatical" bottle. Nose has really expanded and makes this dude really sing. The spices are joined by a boquet of flowers aand a saddle leather note. Still comes outta the glass swinging and still has a few lingering tannins. A real treat! No change in scoring tho. WW

RE: 2001 Geyser Peak Reserve - winoweenie - 11-02-2012

What I said back then!!!! Is close to TTOIG so jffn' them suckers be in your lil' hot hands ENJOY! ww