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- sedhed - 02-06-2004

WW or anyone else; Hoe does $60 sound for this wine?

- winoweenie - 02-07-2004

Sed it sounds slightly high. I paid 35 on release and 39 for the 99. Haven't gotten into the 97s' much yet as even the lesser babes seem like they need at least another year. But getting back to your question, the Tapestry is always on my cellar list. The last time I tasted this sucker it seemed like it was heading to the top of the class for the BV Taps'. Still 2 weeks to go on the current sabbatical. WW (Before anys of youse critics jumps on, I unnerstood whats' ole Sed meant. He and I went to the same tippen' school)

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- sedhed - 02-07-2004

thanks. I did not know you are a 2 week sabaticalist. I guess I should have used the wink eye smiley face on that "unpeckable" remark.

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- Thomas - 02-07-2004

Have you noticed he types even worse when he's on one o' dem sabataticals...

- amw5g - 02-07-2004

WW- not to hijack the thread too far off course, but I remember you planned on opening some 99s this year. Got around to it yet? We may be dipping into our stash for V-day next weekend. Other choice is a 2000 Ch Delord.

- winoweenie - 02-07-2004

amw5g. The 99s' will come after some more of the 97s' so it'll probably be later this fall. If yopu're needing info on a particular bottling let me know and I'll try to open if iff'n I gots the hummer. WW