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- Woodman - 01-01-1999

Thought I'd duplicate my aol posting, so we can see how this works.
If you have any, hold 'em -- and when you do open them, pour the wine into a bowl and beat it up with your Mixmaster or a whisk or something. Needs lots of air, otherwise it's very thin. I'd read this on one of those "other" boards, and it's true. Otherwise, the stuff is real good, just as I'd anticipated and somewhat elegant.

If you've been fortunate enough to have Mike do his "now, taste it with about 25% of the Herb Lamb Vineyard (Howell Mountain) added" shtick, you can really pick out the higher tones the Lamb adds (I'm waiting for the jokes, I really am). I can just imagine what Colgin must be like since I think it's 100% from that vineyard. Mark, you'll have to tell us one of these days.

- Michael Engelhard - 01-03-1999

any news on Karl Lawrence's 96's? the '95 is sold out at the winery... sounds like great pedigree for cabernet (Herb Lamb and Morisoli fruit)...


- Woodman - 01-08-1999

<<any news on Karl Lawrence's 96's? >>

To be released in June. Mike seems to like that schedule from what he told us during the Bucko Behemoth Banzai Brotherhood Bash.