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- newsguy - 11-21-2005

for WW or anyone who has had a bottle of this recently: how long should i decant? i'm guessing probably start drinking right after pouring into decanter and giving it 5-10 minutes to settle. i can't imagine it needs much air time, but i don't know from experience. who does?

- winoweenie - 11-21-2005

Newsie if you'll look at my posts you'll see I'm not much into decanting older wines. They get a whale of a lot more air in a glass than in a decanter and you can monitor the progress much closer. If you're decanting to get rid of the sediment then pour your glass and decant the rest.WW

- brappy - 11-21-2005

what WW said.

- micpic8 - 11-27-2005

I had a bottle of this beauty about a month ago. WOW!!! It is drinking wonderfully. I will say though it did take at least 30 to 45 minutes before it settled down and it opened up. It just kept opening up more and more over the next hour plus. This is an incredible bottle of wine. Still peaking out with no signs of turning south. That's my 2 cents.