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- winoweenie - 06-30-2002

Arrived in Nashville on Mon at 10:40. My buddy picked me up and away we headed to Dalton. Having one of the worst breakfasts' of my life on Southwest (2 Vodka & Orange juice and cheese crackers with peanut butter filling) I was starving so stopped at the first Q' cafe. A couple of beers and some marvelous brisket later we hit the road to Dalton. Decided to open a bottle as I was being chauffered so had an Anderson Conn Valley.(All were 94s')Even out of a styrofoam cup this was still a delicious wine.91. That evening opened a B.V. Rutherford. nice seemed ready. 86. Also had a Caymus Napa. Still a way to go but an outstaning effort. 92. Tues for lunch took a Mt Veeder to Dalton CC. Big hummer. Lots of everything including tannin. needs time. 87. That evening opened a Kenwood Sonoma. Nice stuff and ready. 87. My buddy has a piece of a trucking company that has its' offices below theirs. The evening routine is when the little hand is on the 4 and the big hand on the 6 the humongous cooler of Miller High Life Long-Necks appear. I took a Raymond Estate down and endured 1 hour of ribbing.At dinner that nite I did the Raymond Generations. The estate was ready and a solid 86 while the Generations was still developing and was pegged at 91. Again lunch at the CC and a Truchard Napa. Pretty juice. 90. That nite we had a Peachy Canyon Para Siempre . Didn't show as well as previous bottles but nothing was wasted. Lunch again was a Mondavi Napa. Good stuff. 90. This evening at the meeting of Jimmy Joe and the truckers. I asked if they'd like to try a sip of the Hess Collection I'd opened. JJ said sure, so I poured him a drink. Slugging it down, he looked at the good-ole boys and said, "'aint half-bad". The hulk who ran the truckers looked like he mite be interested so feeling magnaminous, I asked, he said sure, so I handed him the bottle to pour himself. Tipping the bottle to his mouth, he slugged a large mouthful, smiled, handed the bottle to his brother who did the same and so it went till bye-bye bottle. Opened a Guenoc Meritage for dinner and was a really tasty bottle. Probably a 90. It's a little hard to evaluate wines out of styrofoam but think these mite be close. Didn't take any heavyweights down as I knew what to expect. It was fun and I may have made some inroads on the MHL circuit. WW

- hotwine - 06-30-2002

Sounds like that crowd would drink anything, so long as it's C&W (cold & wet). They might have been takin' a step up with the MHL for your benefit, instead of their usual 7-11 Swill of the Week. I know some like that, and don't even bother mentioning wine to 'em, just kick back and slug their hoss-p---.

- vinman - 06-30-2002

Let's not be fooled. They are probably insiders, looking for a deal!