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- winoweenie - 01-09-2004

Wanted to try this before bringing it to the offline instead of the Barilla.This sucker has done everything that Gina could have wanted. Deep ruby, no bricking. Huge florals and berries leap from the glass. The Cab Franc is very evident in the nose and on the palate. Beautifully structured, with the hillside fruit dancing in the spotlite. Lots of plums, berries, bakers cocoa, and spices load the flavor profile and keep this a real kick-patootie drink. Soft entry, nice weighty center and a solid 4-lapper finish. Another ("Why the blazes dint I buy MORE) blooper. WW 91/95 .18 by the case.

- Grape Stuff - 01-09-2004

I've been meaning to ask for quite some time...just how long is a lap? seriously?

- newsguy - 01-09-2004

grape stuff,

i'll let WW answer your question himself, but it made me smile. when i first came on the board i wondered what the h*ll he mean by that so i did a little research to find out.


that frei sure sounds tasty. i have one 94 left, a barrelli creek, and waiting until our 10th wedding anniversary in may to open it is killin' me.

- winoweenie - 01-10-2004

Grapes the process is my grading system for a wines' length. After swirling the juice around in my mouth, I swallow and then....Take my tongue and run it on my top teeth as far out as possible. Each time I do that is considered a lap. If you can do it 3 rimes and the wine is still present on the palate, a 3-lapper. 4 times etc. The legendary 5-lapper comes along so seldom you'll be amazed if and when you experience one. I've found this method far more reliable than counting seconds because wines with high glycerine content seem to coat my tongue and stay there. WW

- tandkvd - 01-10-2004

I've always wandered that as well.

I'll have to try that method with the Buffalo Grove Cab. today. I doubt it will go a lap. But it's pretty good juice for $6.99.

- Grape Stuff - 01-12-2004

Thanks WW. Now I've got a reference point. I think the finish is one of the best parts of drinking wine. Having the taste, the smell, the feel etc. permeate, morph and linger on and on can be extremely satisfying.