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- Jackie - 01-01-1999 03:44 PM

Jerry's note might appear with funny line breaks (depending on how large your font is set). Just in case, here is his message again:

All right! Here we are. Please be gentle. This is a work in progress. There will be bugs to work out, but the difference is that we have an active webmaster who cares in the form of Ms. Jackie Wilferd, who is proprietor of I've been working with her for several years with my own projects and can tell you she IS a straight shooter.

For the time being, I will serve as chief moderator just to get started, but the plan is to work as a team of moderators since that seemed to work well at FDN. The other moderators will be announced in the very near future.

We were going to get everything plotted out with a near complete list of folders and as many bugs worked out as possible, but decided (both because we need the help and because you all were very curious) to call on the group to help with the suggestions.'s your chance. Make suggestions for new folder titles, changes in the existing folder titles, changes in the system itself assuming the software is adaptable), and even a title for this new site. In fact, we'll make it a bit of a contest...I'll throw in a bottle of very good California Cab (or meritage) to whoever comes up with the name or the new board.

Let's don't start to publicize the site quite yet...kind of keeping within the group. It should only take a week or two to fine tune it and then we can tell the world, have link set up from the front page and so on.

Welcome to the Goldwyn-free zone (for those who are very upset with Craig) and think of this as YOUR board.

Jerry D. Mead
aka The Wine Trader
aka Mead On Wine
aka The Wine Curmudgeon

[Note: This message has been edited by Jackie]

- SteveZ - 01-01-1999 08:28 PM

Jackie, Jerry, Bob and anyone else who has been working on this board.....thank you so very much! This board has an opportunity to be all the things that we wanted and asked for, and more. A perfect place for the special people on the soon to be shut down AOL Wine Boards. A great way to begin 1999, isn't it? [img][/img]

This is exciting, as we have so much to look forward to and best of all, we can all have a hand it creating it and making it work.

Congragtulations to everyone involved! And hopefully, I won't do anything to [img][/img] anyone. [img][/img]<-----just trying out all the faces to see if they really work [img][/img]

Steve Manzi

- CBailis - 01-01-1999 10:46 PM

Jerry, Bob, one of the social liberals on this board (Hush, Tex!), it ruffles my feathers to see a note indicating any form of censorship in re free speech. The English language was meant to be used in its full splendor, including those four-letter words that add so much descriptive color. Hopefully, this will be remedied so that we can continue to carry on (pun intended) as before.

- Bob Foster - 01-02-1999 01:36 AM

Jackie-nice set up. A question please. One of the problems we had on AOL was the use of multiple fake ids by one or two of the members (We've pretty well figured out who they are.) To prevent this, is there a away to contour your system so it will only allow one name per e mail address. Without some controls the idiots will, I fear, run rampant here too?

Thanks in advance

- Jackie - 01-02-1999 01:43 AM

Thank you, Bob. Your suggestion is a good one and I have just implemented it. Unique e-mail addresses are now required.

- Bob Foster - 01-02-1999 01:52 AM

Jackie-you make my head spin. Suggestions accepted and acted upon in under 30 minutes. Way to go! Thanks for helping us kill the fake ids.

- WA Wino - 01-02-1999 01:55 AM

Well, we know one thing for sure. Jackie is not a fake ID for Goldwyn!

- LoveZin - 01-02-1999 02:59 AM

Bob, of course "all those fake ID's over on AOL" are unique E-mails here, so that requirement will not really resolve your concern.

Heinz Steiner

- Jerry D Mead - 01-02-1999 03:00 AM

Don't want to put a damper on Bob's glee over eliminating fake i.d.s, but this won't do it. I've got five e-mail addresses at AOL alone, and could easily have others at other ISPs, which means I COULD, if I was one of the bad guys, have that many screen names here.

Jackie's action will help but not totally solve the problem. sure is nice to have instant action.