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- 4cups - 04-15-2000

I read that raisin wine contains no alcohol. Does anyone have information as to its sugar content; is it low or high in sugars? Is there an average number of sugars that it contains as used on the nutrition labels that we find on most foods?

- mrdutton - 04-16-2000

Wine, by definition, contains alcohol. Otherwise, you would be drinking grape juice (or raisin juice in this instance [and there isn't much juice in a raisin]).

I don't yet have the technical knowledge to answer your question in-depth. But there are a few folks here who may be able to help you.

- 4cups - 02-18-2001

I know it's been a while, but does anyone out there have any info regarding raisin wine and sugar content?

- Innkeeper - 02-18-2001

Hi 4 Cups, and welcome back again. It must be that time of year. Check out this site: .