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- bridgehorse - 08-14-2002

hello wine lovers..i want to say that i am a red wine drinker, mostly if not all the itme, cabernet sauvignon. i drink a bottle on the weekends at one time alone. is it true that one bottle (750 ml) is equivalent to 5 glasses?? and also is it healthier to drink the healthy limit for your heart all in one shot or should i spread it out during a 7 day week?? also is it unhealthy to drink a bottle (750ml) in one night?? thank you for your answer(s) i am new here..welcome all

- joeyz6 - 08-14-2002

Hi there, Bridgehorse. Check out this thread -- it has a pretty extensive discussion of how much wine one should drink in an evening.

To answer a couple of your other questions:
Yes, a 750-ml bottle of wine is about five glasses. About the one-shot drinking versus spreading it out ... I'm no doctor, but I would think it's better to spread it out. However, maybe some of the other members of the board would disagree.

- bridgehorse - 08-15-2002

hi joey and thank you for your reply and for the has really helped me out tremendously on a question i was wondering about since i started on the red many years ago..thanks again...dan white

- bridgehorse - 08-15-2002

hello, this is a very good question i feel, and probably one on every one's mind. i was wondering if it is necessary to have food before or during you take your FIRST glass of red wine. it seems that whenever i know that i will drink red wine that day i seem to want to eat FIRST before i start drinking and i seem to make sure i have alot of food around for some reason. also when i have my 2nd or 3rd glass it seems i always want cheese and (or) pizza, is this normal???? thank you...

- Thomas - 08-15-2002

Wine stimulates appetite, makes one feel at peace, heightens a sense of well-being, and, when not abused, is good for overall mental and physical health.

- bridgehorse - 08-15-2002

thank you foodie for your response..dw