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- dhg - 03-22-2004

I read the thread where you recommend pinot noir as a healthy red wine. Can you recommend any others? When the story broke on red wines, I heard the wines out of New York state were the healthiest. I am having problems finding New York wines around here but wines made in Missouri are obviously in abundance.


St.Louis, MO.

- Thomas - 03-22-2004

Red wine from anywhere generally offer the same health benefits. In fact, ethanol (alcohol) in any from offers health benefits when taken in moderation.

There appears (operative word is appears) to be further benefit from a chemical found moreso in red than in white wines.

The overall benefit may be on artery and heart disease.

- Innkeeper - 03-22-2004

Hi Dennis, and welcome to the Wine Board. You might check out the Mt Pleasant Winery in Augusta, MO. The have a nice blend called Augusta Village which I enjoy a lot. It is a blend of cynthiana and chambourcin two grapes that are also grown in NY.