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- rb68 - 02-05-2002

Is wine really good for the heart? And if so how so? Any doctors out there?

- winoweenie - 02-05-2002

Hi rb68 and welcome to the board. Answering your questions in order; 1) YES.....2) YES.... Go back 100 days on this thread and you'll find more than enuf scientific jargon to put you to sleep mostly from our very own Dr. Bucko. WW ( I tolt' him what to say! )

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- rb68 - 02-05-2002

I am new. How do I go back 100 days on this??? Thanks for your help.

- Kcwhippet - 02-05-2002

Go back one screen from this one, and you'll see a pull down in the upper right that says "show topics from the last 20 days". If you pull down the menu, you'll see where you can expand the viewing to the last 100 days. Just have that showing and click on go.