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- mary alyce - 06-27-1999

my doctor has just informed me that i have a severe allergy to yeast (both bakers and brewers.) I have read that yeast is in wines. Is this a fact? If so, are there any types that it is not present in?
Any answers would be deeply appreciated. (I am leaving for Italy soon!)

- Thomas - 06-27-1999

Wine is the result of yeast eating grape sugar and then producing alcohol and carbon dioxide.

If you are truly allergic to yeast, you are out of luck, although there are a number of natural remedies that might reduce symptoms.

I hope you have a definitive answer. It took decades for the medical profession to tell me what my allergies are, and they still got only half of it right.

- Bucko - 06-27-1999

What KIND of doctor? Makes a BIG difference. Naturopaths tell everyone they are allergic to yeast. A true yeast allergy is essentially unheard of because the body is loaded with yeast naturally. I would strongly question your diagnosis. See an M.D. or D.O. Allergist for testing. Wine has no live yeast left in it anyway, and filtered wines would have no yeast products left to speak of.

AFA Foodie, the medical profession is still trying to figure out exactly WHAT he is.


- Thomas - 06-28-1999

What is this Bucko, our affair has ended!

Despite his obvious attempt to get my goat, I agree with Bucko -- get some opinions, get some tests, and listen to Bucko's explanation about yeasts. Bring it up to the next physician you see.

In the meanwhile, have a glass of wine to help clear your thinking on the matter.

According to some physicians, I should have died twenty years ago; or was it my wife who said that?

- mary alyce - 06-29-1999


Thanks for the help.

This was the result of blood tests, through a M.D. (I guess the truth hurts in this case.) Regardless, I will continue my search for the "yeast free after work drink".
(six nights working in the bar / rest makes this unbearable.)

Best of luck resolving your break up issues.
I see alot of left over animosity here. Maybe you should meet for a drink and discuss this.

Mary Alyce