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- txwineluver007 - 05-22-2002

First of all hello to everyone, I am new! I was just wondering if anyone knew of a site that has a chart that list the nutritional info on different wines, like how many calories, carbs, and sugar.

- Thomas - 05-22-2002

Generally, each four ounce glass of wine hovers at 100 calories. Wine includes alcohol; alcohol is a carbohydrate; depending upon the type of wine, there may be little or no sugar or there may be as much as a few percent sugar by volume, but it does not matter because where sugar is diminished it is replaced by the alcohol during fermentation, so the carbohydrate level of wine remains about the same; what that level is, I do not remember off hand.

- txwineluver007 - 05-22-2002

Thanks a lot that was helpful.