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- bridgehorse - 02-15-2003

curious to know....i was wondering if i drink water while drinking red wine, will it diminish the effects of the wine and will i get higher less quickly or faster or will it diminish the thrill all together??? thanks....i have asked this question recently and i still am not sure if i have the right answer yet...thanks...dan

- hotwine - 02-15-2003

Bridge, you seem to be drinking wine to "get high" from its alcohol content, as opposed to enjoying a wine's aromas and flavors as a complement to food. We don't consider "getting high" to be a worthy goal of wine consumption, so if you're looking for a technique to modulate inebriation with water, you're probably not going to get a whole lot of advice on that subject here.

- bridgehorse - 02-15-2003

sorry, i think i was out of context when i used the word "high"..i am a wine drinker for years and i do not drink "only" to get the feeling of being relaxed and settled in my own way...i do not want the fans here to get the wrong idea and i am glad you straightened it out for me..sometimes my words are wrong..i love red wine for all the qualities it is noted for and i asked the question about water because i needed to know if it was healthier for the liver to drink water while drinking red wine or after... i thank you for your answer to my question...dan

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