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- Alps - 04-18-2007

Anything too much brings harm to our body...does d same theory apply to wines?i know pinot noir keep us young and reduces our colestrol level in parents object when i told them i want to be a wine expert as with the reason i will get a newbie aging 19 i dont know much and really requires guidance...i will like to know more about how wines bring us good health.example of wine and how it improves our health...

- Innkeeper - 04-18-2007

Wine, particularly red wine, in moderation is good for you, but should not to taken to improve your health as in a medicine.

The substance that is in red wine in general, and Pinot Noir in particular, as well as in red grape juice, tea, and other products, is called resveratrol. It can help stave off such diseases as hypertension and some cancers.

This does not mean you should consume a bottle of Pinot every day. Two five or six ounce glasses is recommended. On special occasions you might have some more.

- Drew - 04-18-2007

WW JUST might differ with your point of view IK.... [img][/img]


- winoweenie - 04-18-2007

And he do. Tis why I never answer this question. WW

- winophite - 04-19-2007

One can't forget to consider the state of mental health. Some times, may require higher doses than others! WP

- Thomas - 04-19-2007

That's right: one's mental health is inversely impacted by one's physical health, so if you must reduce wine intake for cholesterol reasons, you must then increase intake for mental stability...

- Alps - 04-23-2007

hmmm...regard ur reply Drew,do u mean tat it does not really matter much drinking a bottle per day?or do u hav any opinion which u will like to share wif a newbie like me?n wat ab mental tat relates to excessive drinking of wines?lastly will like to thx all of u for d opinion...