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RE: Red wine for health - Kcwhippet - 06-18-2014

Well, Janet Willson, you're no more from Clovis, CA than I am. It's interesting that your posts seem to come when the rest of us are fast asleep.

RE: Red wine for health - winoweenie - 06-18-2014

Sorry Janet but I'm voting to ban your Indian Patootie from our community. WW ( If there be ennything I hate more than a non-drinker it's a LYING non-drinker. )

wine - paradise - 06-29-2014

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RE: Red wine for health - Kcwhippet - 06-30-2014

Looks like Janet Willson just got a new name.

RE: Red wine for health - winoweenie - 07-01-2014

Well Jackie-Love, just goes to show that you can ban the poster but her sister'll carry on. Paradise you need to keep track of your posts. Seems like you just posted you're spending the summer in Australia. Maybe they'll be nicer to you than we heathens from Arizona, New Mexico. WW

RE: Red wine for health - lisakelly - 08-01-2014

White wine help to prevent heart attacks, increase the amount of HDL cholesterol and decrease the chances of blood clotting.

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RE: Red wine for health - winoweenie - 08-02-2014

Kinda' like dandolines eh goys and gals? Stomp one out and an'udder pops up. WW

RE: Red wine for health - gourmetproducts - 07-20-2015

Anything in excess is bad. So, always drink wine in moderation.

RE: Red wine for health - winoweenie - 07-20-2015

I'll b hanged! SHE'S BACK!!!!! WW

RE: Red wine for health - AedanAiden - 04-11-2018

Hi DC,
Red wine not only helps in reducing your cholesterol level but also protect your heart and reduce the risk of cancer. Red wine controls your blood sugar, prevent from cold and boost your brain functionality.

RE: Red wine for health - Charlie1122 - 09-28-2018

Lift heart well being, the nearness of cell reinforcement makes it helpful for cardiovascular well being, battle diabetes, raise omega 3 unsaturated fat, for against maturing, averts bosom tumor, avoids heftiness, anticipates sunburn, support mind well being and decreases pressure...

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RE: Red wine for health - Saniking - 04-07-2021

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