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- quijote - 03-05-2003

I'm sorry if this has been covered already; I did try searching here and elsewhere for info to answer my question, but nothing at the specificity I'm looking for....

I'm considering joining one or two wine-of-the-month clubs (or similar direct-mail relationships), but I'm confused about Wisconsin's direct shipping laws.

I realize that WI is a "reciprocal state," and that means I may receive a certain quantity of wine per year from other sources in other states in the same category. But I'm confused about the quantity I may receive.

According to the website, Wisconsinites may receive 9 liters (1 case?) via mail per year. This isn't very much. Does anyone know if this means 9 liters (or 1 case) per _source_ per year? Or is it just a flat-out limit of one lousy case per year?

In addition, does anyone know if (technically) there are restrictions as to how much wine (or alcohol in general) one may bring into WI (via car from, say, Chicago)? Not that I would stop making visits to Sam's in Chicago, but it would be nice to know what I'm legally up against if I'm stopped for one thing and then detained for the wine.

Thanks for answers or for resources for me to consult!

- Innkeeper - 03-06-2003

Check out your state at:

- wondersofwine - 03-06-2003

You can check with you state ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) or beverage control authority for limits in your car. While North Carolina where I live is a felony state for out-of-state shipments (a court case is pending and the consumers won the first round), I can bring the equivalent of about 27 bottles by car. I have brought back wines from Macarthur's Beverages in Washingon, DC.