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- wondersofwine - 05-01-2006

I am angry at myself because I have lost my little memo book in which I took my wine notes. It was in a open side pocket of my summer purse and may have fallen out sometime when the purse tipped over. If I find it in my car, I will post in more detail later, but assuming it will not turn up I will relate what I recall.
The Pinot Noir/Burgundy tasting with Allen Meadows (Burghound) I will post under Pinot Noir. Also the wine dinner at Pewter Rose Bistro with Dick Ward of Saintsbury.
I met up with a friend who lives in Charlotte and we had lunch Friday at Ratcliffe on the Green. We both had a crab dish (mine with wild rice and haricot vert, hers with other side dishes). I had a glass of the Honig Sauvignon Blanc which I was familiar with from the Charlotte event two years ago. Friday night I met up with Susan and her friend Vicky again at Dean and Deluca where they were celebrating Susan's promotion to vice president in her firm. I tried a very nice red wine (I think it was a Cabernet Sauvignon or blended red but I can't remember the producer or name now. Shucks.) Then I left them to their celebration and went on to dinner at Aquavina where I had the wedge salad (lettuce with chopped tomato, Roquefort cheese and bleu cheese dressing) and halibut with sweet corn griddle cakes. Passed on desserts. I had a Pinot Noir thinking it might go with the corn side dish if not the halibut. It was pleasant but not spectacular. Again I can't remember the producer.
Saturday I went to the 11:00 Vintners' Tasting outdoors at Symphony Park. I needed my umbrella on arrival, but the rain let up shortly after I got there. I noted a bunch of wines but all I can recall without the notebook of the ones I especially liked are listed here. The Philippe Melka Metisse (2000 vintage possibly which was a blend of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc, all grapes from the Napa Valley. Rich tasting but very smooth and well integrated. Comes in a bottle with an artistic floral label and the 2000 is listed for $45-$75 on At $45 I think it is probably worth the price.
Woody Nook Winery, Margaret River, Australia had a nice Chardonnay with subtle oak flavoring, reminding me of the Penny's Hill Chardonnay that I thought was well balanced. I had not heard of Woody Nook before. Beyond that I just don't remember which ones impressed me. Several North Carolina wineries were represented--Duplin, Richard Childress (new on the scene), Shelton and Ragapple Lassie, etc. Nothing to get excited about.
Saturday at 3:00 PM was the Pinot Noir/Burgundy tasting with Burghound at Ballantyne Resort (see Pinot Noir). Saturday night I met Susan again for dinner at Barrington's. Very good food in a tiny restaurant in a shopping center. Noisy. I had gnocchi with veal and porcini mushrooms (lovely) and strawberry shortcake with mascarpone and balsamic syrup (major yum). Susan had halibut and no dessert but had an appetizer I believe. I had a simple Riesling Kabinett. Sunday I headed back to Fayetteville, stopping in Matthews at a Macalister (spelling) Deli for lunch.

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- Innkeeper - 05-01-2006

From memory, our librarian did a great job. Thanks WOW.

- wondersofwine - 05-02-2006

Thanks, IK but I am still ticked about losing my notebook.