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- wondersofwine - 09-29-2008

Attended this event Saturday and got some sun--held outdoors at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC to benefit Frankie Lemmon School and another charity. Good band playing but I didn't get their name. I took my little notebook to keep notes but forgot to take the pen out of my purse before leaving it in the car trunk so no formal notes.
I probably sampled between 16 and 20 wines. The ones I ordered for later pickup are two bottles each of Hedges CMS red blend, Bouchaine Chardonnay (which I also liked at the Charlotte Wine and Food Weekend in April) and Barn D'Or red. Wines were 10% off normal retail price if ordered at the event and 5% goes to the charities.

I also tried the Chateau St. Michelle Indian Wells Chardonnay again and it started off on a crisp note but ended up with a buttery flourish. Not too many Pinot Noirs offered but I tried a Schug and a Fleur. The Schug was somewhat interesting but more expensive than the Fleur. A Hess Syrah was okay. Some of the participants were excited by a Zinfandel with a name unfamiliar to me--something like Buonicante (that's the problem with not writing things down.) I didn't splurge for the admission to the restricted tents ($75 in advance or $85 the day of the event.) Those had more expensive wines available for tasting and food from caterers or restaurants in the area. Fun but no really exciting discoveries. Afterwards I had dinner at Enoteca Vin and sampled eight red Burgundies (in 2 oz. pours but I poured some out after tasting.) I will report on that in the Burgundy thread tomorrow or later this afternoon.

- brappy - 10-01-2008

Maybe Buoncristiani? Although I didn't know they made a Zin.....

- wondersofwine - 10-01-2008

No, that wasn't it Brappy but good try. It may have started with 'Z' instead of 'B.'