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- Blue - 01-08-2001

Have any of you ever gone to this? Is it worth the $100 entrance fee?

- Botafogo - 01-08-2001

And who do I talk to about paying for the hundreds of calls WE get on our toll free number from people looking for this show???

Roberto @ the permenent WINE EXPO in Santa Monica

- Kcwhippet - 01-09-2001

It's $60 for a one day ticket, and $82 for two days. The ticket prices have continued to escalate, but it's still the best thing going on the east coast. It's a lot cheaper than the airfare to get to all the wine areas represented. We'll be there.

- boston - 02-09-2011

I was at the boston wine expo Cru and tasted the wine tasting cookie that was being offered, and found it yummy but I could not find it anywhere.
I am having a wine tasting gathering. I think it would be interesting conversational piece. Have you tried it and where can I find it.