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- wondersofwine - 02-18-2009

After several years of not attending, I have made reservations for this event May 13-17 (I plan to arrive on the 14th after a couple nights on Cape Cod.) I begged my way into a tasting of Burgundy wines from Alex Gambal and will be attending a Cain Five tasting (these are small gatherings with limited number of tickets). Also will be going to a seminar with Sonoma wine producers, an Italian tasting and the Grand Tasting where all participating vintners/wineries are represented. I didn't book for the special dinners this year but plan to revisit several of my favorite Nantucket restaurants.
Any chance that KC and Judy or Engineer and Gen or others in Boston area could gather on Cape Cod? I am tentatively planning to dine at Dan'l Webster Inn May 13 and at The Paddock in Hyannis May 18 but haven't made dinner plans for May 12th or could switch the plans on the 18th.
P.S. In light of the expense of this trip I will probably not attend Pinot on the River (Russian River) in October this year. Maybe will get there in 2010 if I don't repeat the Nantucket Wine Festival.

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- TheEngineer - 02-18-2009

Hmm.. sounds interesting WoW. I'll start peaking at my calendar.

- Kcwhippet - 02-18-2009

Might be able to do the Cape, but the Nantucket part is a bit too expesive this year. We were thinking of sailing in this year and staying on the boat, but there aren't any transient moorings available - all booked up.