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- winecollector - 06-03-2000

Have any of you guys ever thought of trying to have an annual get-together or convention of wine board members? With all the people on this site that are in the food & wine business, I would think it possible to come up with several sites to chose from. Any interest in this idea?

Besides, I'd love for Innkeeper to show me how to do that thing overhead with the closeline tied to the wine bottle!

- Innkeeper - 06-03-2000

Sounds like a bully idea. Jim Wallace indicated another get together tribute for Jerry later this year, with more advance notice than we had last time. Unfortunately I only do the clothsline trick on the South Head of Grand Manan on the 29th of December.

- winoweenie - 06-03-2000

Great idea. I`ll see Jim next week and broach the subject to him. He`s in Palm Springs this week-end for a funeral. I`ll also try to get him to post a complete story of Jerrys` bash . Winoweenie

- Bucko - 06-03-2000

We did this on AOL several years. We had an off-line in Napa/Sonoma, taking over a B&B for a few days, eating at the favorite sites and visiting select wineries -- it was a blast.


- Wallace - 06-18-2000

Dates have not been set for the next Mead bash in southern CA as yet but I've heard August. I will investigate next week and get back.

The get together after that is scheduled in April of next year and I'll get an exact date on that soon as well.

Until then we may drop in on Bucko. He's close to some really good wineries. Zat ok Bucko?

- Bucko - 06-18-2000

Bucko's B&B&B (Booze, Bed, Bodacious grub) always has an open door.....

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- winoweenie - 06-19-2000

Gracious, FOUR B`s. What a poker hand. Winoweenie

- Thomas - 06-19-2000

With my five B's (add Bull----) I win!