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- Drew - 02-22-2003

Will be attending Ronnies Mega Wine Tasting Event tomorrow, Sunday 2/23, at the Harford Community College in Harford County Maryland. Limited to 500 people, over 70+ vendors with more than 500 wines will be offered. I'll post notes A.S.A.P. and wish me stamina and a strong tongue.


- winoweenie - 02-23-2003

As the Winw Boarde DD (designated drinker) we know you'll do us proud. Wonder what the other 499 guys'll drink? [img][/img]ww

- Drew - 02-24-2003

Very nice event with a good mix of wines. Here are some of my favorites.

Niebaum Coppola
01 Rosso, nice dk. fruit and tar flavors $8
00 Diamond Series Claret, tasty and soft $13
00 Diamond Series Syrah, tasty,rich Calif syrah, nice finish $12

Barnard Griffin
00 Cab, dk. fruit and mocha, nice $15

Painter's Bridge
00 Zin/Shiraz Great QPR $5.99

Robert Mondavi
99 Napa Cab, very good,balanced,elegant $22

00 Hangtime Pinot Noir, nice $12 pinot

01 Cotes du Rhone L'Enclos, rich and funky
01 Domaine Petite Cassagne nice, good finish
Both around $8

(South Africa)
02 Excelsior Cab, rustic cab with rich flavors,great QPR for$8
00 Graham Beck shiraz, well balanced, tasty shiraz $11

00 sangiovese, nice calif sangiovese for $13

00 Syrah, very rich,lush w/long finish $22

Starboard Batch 88 port, DELICIOUS $17

99 Cab, good varietal flavors,nice finish $11

Yalumba (Australia)
01 Cab, good effort and value for $8

A.Mano (Italy)
01 Primitivo, good year in and out $7

01 Upland Zin, my zin of the night, complex $13

01 Sonoma Zin, similar flavors as the Fife but lighter $14

99 Zin, nice lush zin $12

Miranda (Australia)
00 Merlot, excellent fruit fwd merlot for $8
97 Family Reserve Cab/Shiraz Verrry Good,rich,well balanced $22
99 First Reserve Shiraz, rich w/port flavors $22

99 Napa merlot, nice w/good structure $16

Penfold's (Australia)
01 Bin 2 Shiraz/Mourvedre nice,pretty wine $10
01 Thomas Hyland Cab, rich, tannic $12

00 Show Reserve Cab, elegent $16

Kendall Jackson
99 Grand Reserve Cab, rich cab flavors, nice finish $20

99 Estate Three Palms Merlot, very nice,lush, complex $34

Michel Laroche (France)
00 syrah, nice, rich, international style $9

Rancho Zabaco
01 Heritage vines, rich, tannic, has 13% petite sirah blended $12

99 Napa Merlot, good,complex $17

99 Napa Merlot really good, complex, my merlot of the night $19

Lan (Spain)
96 Vina Lanciano Reserva, good, rich fruit and leather notes $20

Mastino (Italy)
97 Amarone Della Valpolicella, very good for $26

Louis Bernard (France)
99 Vacqueyras very nice, $15

00 Cab, really nice cab for $13

Howard Park (Australia)
00 Leston Shiraz, nice, low oak, elegant shiraz $27

Madfish (Australia)
01 Shiraz, very good, rich $12

Tim Adams (Australia)
00 Grenache, nice, long finish $21

Chateau Ste Michelle
00 Columbia Syrah good $10
99 Reserve Syrah, Excellent $24

00 Washington Syrah, GREAT, $9

Concha-Y-Toro (Chile)
01 Diablo Carmenere, rich and tannic $8

Marquese de Casa Concha (Chile)
00 Cab, rich, soft cab,no green flavors, $11
01 Merlot, very good $11

01 Carneros Pinot Noir, good pinot $19

J. Lohr
00 Seven Oaks Cab, good flavors and value $13

These are the ones that stood out for me in terms of flavors, value and food friendliness. All have little to moderate use of oak. The Justin Syrah was a beautiful, Calif. Syrah and the Snoqualmie was one of the best QPR wines I've ever had,(who said Pacific Northwest wines sucked?). Also was very suprised with the Excelsior Cab, very nice. The Fife Upland Zin was a great zin for $13. One that surprised me was the 99 BV Tapestry, thin and diluted IMHO, $36. Also the 99 BV George de Latour Reserve,$79.99, was shut down tighter than Bucko's wallet around tax time. I'm not usually a Merlot fan but we found several good, afforable Merlots. Sorry the notes are short, we were trying to taste as many as we could and surprisingly I didn't seem to suffer palate fatigue. If anyone wants me to elaborate on a particular wine, email me and I'll try to decipher my notes.


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- dananne - 02-24-2003

Thanks for all the notes!

I'd love to hear your full take on the LAN and the Adams, if you have the chance!

- Drew - 02-24-2003

The Lan was rich and muli-tiered. It was like a spanish version of an Amarone. Deep notes of dark fruit, leather, cinnamon and a hint of tawny port. Just found out this wine was #54 on Wine Spectators top 100 from 2001 and scored 92 pts, seems they got one right. BODEGAS LAN Rioja Viña Lanciano Reserva 1996, 92, $35.
Bodegas LAN produces this single-vineyard Rioja from a blend of Tempranillo and Mazuelo grapes. Its 1995 vintage was the No. 64 wine in last year's Top 100. 15,000 cases made.

The Tim Adams Grenache,(this may have been "The Fergus") was very fruit forward, not candied, with good spice and acidity. Moderately oaked. It had a nice, lengthy finish. More rustic than polished, at this stage, me thinks a few years in the bottle will make for one outstanding grenache.


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- dananne - 02-25-2003

Thanks, Drew.

I have the LAN, but have not had opportunity to try it yet. My local store only has a few bottles left, so I think I'll pick a few more up based on your notes.

I've always enjoyed The Fergus, and wondered if the latest vintage was as tasty as past ones. I'll be picking some of it up, too.

Now for a little wrangling with the wife over the checkbook . . . [img][/img]

Again, thanks for all the notes!