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- wondersofwine - 05-21-2008

Tickets must be purchased in advance
Admission to 40 wineries
Website here:

- dananne - 05-21-2008

Are you going this year, or are you visiting Provence? Or planning both? I sure wish we could go. Maybe a few "Pretty Pleases" are in order.

BTW, if you do go, the best breakfasts in the world are at Howard's Cafe in Occidental. We ate there almost every day last summer, and we've longed for it ever since we got home. Our favorite breakfast joints here just don't hold a candle to it.

- wondersofwine - 05-22-2008

I'm not going this year--Provence instead of Sonoma. However, I may get to Santa Barbara County in October of this year. I have a free ticket anywhere US Airways flies since they bumped me from a Philadelphia to Raleigh flight after my uncle's funeral (at least I got to the funeral). I may fly into Burbank, CA, rent a car there and spend a few days visiting wineries in Santa Barbara County. I hope in 2009 to visit Pinot on the River, the October big event in Russian River Valley but the Passport thing in June also sounds inviting. And I would like to get back to Oregon and Washington sometime and also see a little of the Oregon coast.
So many wines to drink and so much travel to accomplish!